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Our readers are IT engineers, administrators, and software developers.

They visit us while on the job to help troubleshoot daily problems and learn new skills.

Professions: IT Administrators, DevOps Professionals, Cloud Administrators, Software Developers

Opportunities:ATA Learning has many areas to put your message in front of the right people. Reach them through both written and video content, across many different popular mediums.


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Because we have access to dozens of subject matter experts, we can craft custom content for you and publish it on our platform. Through careful research and testing, we can create highly-engaging content in a niche of your choosing or as a review specifically on your product.

All of our written content goes through a standard that:

Receives the standard SEO treatment

Stays published forever

Is created by one of our dozens of technical experts

Is promoted to over 13K followers on social media when published

Has a link and summary sent out to 4,000 email list subscribers

Gets one week of above-the-fold exposure on our homepage

Product Reviews

Our product reviews are articles written by a subject matter expert based on our proven review template focusing on any features or capabilities important to the advertiser.

We stake our reputation on product reviews and will always write from a neutral standpoint. All advertisers may review our product reviews before publication but are not allowed to make changes beyond factual inaccuracies and branding issues.

Product reviews come with all of our standard content treatment and they also get a permanent spot on our Recommended Resources page.

Every product review comes with a detailed document of actionable feedback to improve your product!

Product Reviews
Sponsored Articles

Sponsored Articles

Our sponsored articles are more free form compared to product reviews, and can be written both by the advertiser or by an ATA Learning expert. Article topics are discussed ahead of time for every sponsored article and can include product comparisons, use cases, and more.

All advertiser-provided content will be reviewed and potentially edited for clarity prior to publication.

“Learn with Me” Series

If you need to fully convey the power of your product and give your target audience a deep understanding of your value proposition; our Learn with Me series of articles may be best.

An ATA Learning Learn with Me series is a series of articles written in a sequential order that breaks down how to use the product and points out a product's useful features. These features may include:

Our Learn with Me series is meant for larger products that may require a detailed breakdown of features in an easy-to-understand, personalized, instructional manner.

Our Learn with Me articles are tailormade and can include extras such as YouTube videos, eBooks, and so on.

Learn with Me Series
YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

We don’t just offer written content; we can do video too! We are happy to create videos of different forms as standalone engagements or to complement other products. Some examples include a talking head or demonstration screencasts.

Email us at [email protected]

Display Advertising (Web)

We offer many different areas on our website to include your message and target the right audience. With our display advertising program, you’re able to inject your message via a simple text sentence or an image of your choosing.

Article Footer Widget

At the bottom of every ATA Learning article, you will see a footer widget labeled “More from ATA Learning & Partners”. This widget can display a 300x280px image of your choosing.

Our footer widget gets 300K impressions per month with current advertisers seeing between 300 and 900 clicks per month.

More from ATA Learning

In-Article Shoutouts

Would you like to get granular and target a specific tech niche or even a common problem or solution? An in-article shoutout may work well.

Shoutouts appear in an article of the advertiser’s choosing both in the first few paragraphs as well as the last few paragraphs. You can see an example in this article.

Shoutouts are 1-2 sentences long with a single link marked as sponsored and should be relevant to the topic of the article.

In-Article Shoutout

Display Advertising (Email)

Get your message directly into your target audience’s email inbox with our display advertising options via email! We currently have two standard email offerings.

Get the data you need! For all email activity, we’re happy to share open and click data.


For a quick win and a spot, you can guarantee your target will see, purchase an email shoutout. Email shoutouts are similar to in-article shoutouts and are placed right at the top of our weekly roundup email.

Email Shoutout
Co-branded Emails

Co-Branded Emails

Do you want reader’s full attention without interference from other distractions? Co-branded emails are the answer.

Co-branded emails are customizable messages that ATA Learning or the advertiser creates. They are sent out on Tuesdays, at most two per month, with a one-per-advertiser per-month maximum.

The ATA logo and the “Have you heard the latest from ATA Sponsor ...?” bar an “Sponsored Email” disclaimer at the bottom are all mandatory.

We do not allow tracking pixels but typical UTM link tracking links are fine.

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